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CosmoCam is an internet interactive video camera system designed for use onboard satellites and stratospheric balloon missions. Cosmocam is being offered as a tool for both inflight monitoring of satellite structure deployment as well as the enlightenment of students and others who are outside the professional scientific community.           


New HD video from the latest flights can be found on Youtube! This is HD video so be sure to play it in 720 or 1080p !

Special thanks go to John Demar of Las Cruces, NM, Joseph Jones of the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility, Palestine TX and Norman Dobson from NASA Goddard for all their work behind the scenes to keep CosmoCam going on these flights!

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Flight info for the HASP 4 flight can be found here...from the LSU server.


CosmoCam was on display at the X-Prize Cup at Holloman AFB in New Mexico! October 25-28, 2007

                      NEW!  Video clips from previous HASP flight...

A closeup of the Moon from HASP Flight #2...This was shot during the middle of the day (around noon)!...CosmoCam is above 99.9% of the atmosphere so the background is black!

HASP Flight #2 Launch on September 2, 2007 at 9:12am ET...

Opening of Dust Collection instrument from Montana State University...               

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                              HERO 3 video clips....

HERO being cut down from balloon at 80,000 feet...130 ft diameter parachute opening...view of payload as it starts coming down...note horizon movement behind payload.

Inflation and launch of the HERO balloon. This balloon holds 40 million cubic feet of Helium and will carry 6000 lbs to 130,000 feet. At float this balloon is fully distended and is about 500 feet in diameter!


                              *  Sweden Flight Videos! *

NEW! Flight video will be added...click on the thumbnails!

Video Clip: Cutting payload from balloon and starting down...

On the way down, more video...

Camera moving down from the balloon to the Payload...

The view from 100,000 feet

CosmoCam in the news...

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                        CosmoCam video shown on Comcast's The Fan!

                 ************** Video Highlight Clips !  ****************
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Video clip from CosmoCam at 22 miles high...the balloon breaks and we start down! (WMV approximately 1 min)

Video clip of CosmoCam in free-fall until the parachute opens!  (WMV approximately 1 min)

Video clip of the HERO X-ray telescope moving while 25 miles over New Mexico, USA! (WMV approximately 1 min)